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 The «VEHICLE DETAILS» personnel understand that for our customers the most important thing is the quality of the products and service at a reasonable cost.

Therefore, from the first day of the foundation we have taken certain rules as a basis and we follow them at every stage of the “VD” development. They are as follows:

  • We guarantee excellent prices and we are always happy to communicate with our customers more time so we are open to any dialogue.
  • We sincerely want you to enjoy your car and be able to solve tasks easily, therefore we are always ready to meet your needs and agree on an acceptable cost.
  • We always try to offer a suitable option regarding budget and quality that is why many of those who have worked with us, become our regular partners and friends. 

During the work we have found that adherence to these principles helps us to win the trust of our customers, efficiently solve tasks and improve the company's performance for your good!



The «VEHICLE DETAILS» is a company with rich history which began in 1997. Over the years - and for any kind of business it is a considerable period of time - we have earned a lot of positive feedback from our customers and partners and we are proud of this fact. The secret to success is simple: we always do our best to carry out our obligations and pay attention to your opinion.


 The “VEHICLE DETAILS” works in several principal areas and in each of them we try to offer our customers favorable terms of cooperation and a comprehensive service at the highest level.


TRUCKS AND ISUZU PASSENGER BUSSES SALES (The "Samarkand Automobile Plant" LLC the official exclusive dealer in Kazakhstan).

Our company offers new trucks and different models of the ISUZU passenger busses including the most currently important. We make sure to always have in stock the most popular modifications and provide fluid delivery of the ordered items with the help of the established partnership links.

We follow our motto not only in words but we implement it in practice. We have an individual approach for each client, a flexible system of discounts and several versions of the installment payment programs with 0%! Equipment supplied by our company is specifically adapted to the climatic and geographical features of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



We always estimate our capabilities realistically in order to provide the services we are able to perform efficiently. And these words are confirmed by more than 12 years of practice in the field of repair and maintenance of vehicles during which we carried out hundreds of tasks and have honed our skills. Experience and modern high quality equipment are only a part of the success. The heart and the engine of our vehicle repair service center is the team comprised of high level devoted specialists genuinely loving their work. Therefore, our company will always offer the best solution based on the results of the evaluation and taking into account your wishes.

To our service and maintenance station you can come with problem of any complexity - and we will certainly help you. Today we carry out a wide range of services: from a complex engine repair, diagnostics and bodywork to consumables replacement and refueling of air conditioners.

Vehicles of the INFINITY and NISSAN brands are our specialty.  Dear owners of these car brands, we are ready to provide you with any service for repair and maintenance, as well as to provide useful advice on the further operation that will ensure the durability of the vehicle. We are always there and ready to help!



Auto spare parts shop will surprise you with varied assortment and reasonable prices. Spare parts for the NISSAN and INFINITY brands are always available and can be delivered on request. Our capabilities allow us to solve any problem and to choose any detail for your car: from a wheel nut to a modern on-board computer.

Used aggregates, the quality of which meets all the necessary requirements, are also available. Our service is always there and ready to help with selection and installation of the spare parts with warranty.

A wide range of BRIDGESTONE, MARSHAL and SONNY winter tires is always available. We offer only those products in which quality we can be assured on 100%!






 One of the “Vehicle Details” main business areas is the supply and maintenance of custom machinery in Kazakhstan. At the moment our offer includes weight handling equipment, fork lifts of KOMATSU, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, SUMITOMO brands, ISUZU trucks and palette jacks of the German company SCT.

Also we offer pre-owned forklifts, each of which undergoes a pre-market approval in Japan. And only after that they go to a service station of our company, where they are carefully checked by our experts. Forklifts in excellent operating condition go to the market.

We always follow the wishes of our customers, and therefore offer a complete set of equipment according to the requirements of your business. Our experts will develop the best option in terms of functionality and cost so you can be sure to save some real money!

All the forklifts have not been exploited on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and their service hours have been exhausted on 5-25%. Moreover, we welcome our customers on a test-drive of the equipment they are interested in. In addition, a guarantee on any forklift is 6 months and you can always count on post-warranty maintenance.

Invest wisely in the further development of your company and we will help you with it!




 We are always there and ready to provide warranty and post-warranty maintenances for each vehicle purchased from us (new and pre-owned) and for the custom machinery. Our team of experts will do repair works of any complexity.


We make sure that our clients receive only the most positive emotions from car use. That is why we provide them with comprehensive services: diagnosis, replacement of consumables and accessories, tire mounting, tuning and other types of work.


We are proud of the attained level of service and the quality of our work but we do not stay in one place constantly improving our performance at all levels and expanding the range of the provided services.


We are always open to suggestions and ready for a fruitful cooperation!