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Nisshinbo is a brand of Japan's largest manufacturer of original spare parts. The Corporation is a supplier of brake pads and other brake system components for all car factories in Japan, such as: Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Subaru and others. Thus, these brake pads are used in the vehicle assembly process of Japanese assembly lines. The products are known throughout the world and have a large application field - from passenger and sports cars to heavy trucks. A distinguishing feature of the brake pads is that they are made according to the high worldwide standards with the use of a unique material named “ferodo” suitable for any conditions of usage and designed for a long-term service. Also the focus of the braking system materials development is based on the usage of asbestos free materials with addition of expensive microelements. It is a well-known fact that the use of asbestos-containing materials is banned in many developed countries as it may cause human lung cancer. 



Taiho Kogyo Co. is a manufacturing corporation in Japan. Taiho Kogyo Co. is one of the global manufacturers of precision parts, plain bearings, bearing journals and engine camshafts bearings. The motto confirms the basic concept of the company -Taiho equals reliability. Reliability and unparalleled quality of the engine bearings based on the traditional corporate culture of Japan together with the clear arrangement of the manufacturing and the engineering processes made Taiho an internationally recognizable brand. Taiho is a partner of almost all Japanese and many European car factories supplying engine bearings to their assembly lines.






NISSAN and INFINITI car brands have got a high performance in terms of reliability, safety and quality of aggregates, but sometimes even they need to be repaired.

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of original spare parts for NISSAN and INFINITY car brands. You may get the necessary information regarding the availability, cost and compliance of the goods as well as sign up for a service by telephoning our managers. For your convenience a wide range of genuine spare parts is always available in stock of the “VD” company. In case if there are no spare parts of interest to you in the stock, we would be glad to import it to you by an order basis with acceptable price and in the shortest time possible. Delivery time and cost are calculated individually for each order.  

The staff members of the “VD” service center have a wealth of experience in work with cars of NISSAN and INFINITI brands. We have a number of important advantages favorably distinguishing us from other service centers.

1.     We have an opportunity to offer you spare parts completely compatible with your car. Since the use of genuine spare parts prevents vehicle components and mechanisms of accelerated depreciation.

2.     All the auto spare parts of NISSAN and INFINITI brands presented in our sales and installed at our service center by our experts are warranted.

3.     Here you are able not only to purchase genuine spare parts for NISSAN and INFINITI, but also to get the most detailed consultation on any matters regarding maintenance and repair.

                4.  Our managers are highly qualified and will promptly provide you with any information you are interested in.


 Please note that the use of non-certified (duplicate) spare parts can not only disrupt the normal operation of the machinery, but also to create a direct threat to your life.


 The «VD» company offers a wide range of services for your automobile. At our place you always have the opportunity to buy quality spare parts and get professional repair assistance for your vehicle.